Innovate with us

What makes the UMC Utrecht exceptional? Everything is about people: patients and students, but employees too. They are what make up our organisation. As an employer, we do everything we can to help our people perform to the best of their abilities. Part of that is creating good terms of employment that guarantee the proper balance between work and private life. Even more importantly, we offer room for personal development and exploration.

As you become familiar with UMC Utrecht, you will quickly discover that we are much more than just a hospital. Working in an academic setting means operating in breeding grounds for innovation. Health care, education and research are all integrated into a single organization.


In the UMC Utrecht research is concentrated in six multidisciplinary programs with each a limited number of disease targets. Patient care is integrated in these programs. Interaction with patients and society creates an ‘innovation loop’ where societal issues guide scientific research and where scientific results quickly move from bench to bedside.

About UMC Utrecht

Will you be working at the UMC Utrecht in the near future? Welcome aboard! The interaction between health care, education and research not only enhances patient care, but also benefits our employees. It keeps them alert and active, always ensuring access to the very latest knowledge and insights. This presents unparalleled opportunities for development.

You make the difference

Together we all share three central values: caring for people, expanding horizons and sharing knowledge. There is a clear interaction between patient care, education and research, in which each builds on the insights derived from the others. We learn from each other, encourage each other and try to do better together. As an UMC Utrecht employee, you are at the very heart of that interaction. Directly or indirectly, you participate in the latest developments. We never forget that a pleasant and familiar working environment is also very important. You should be able to feel at home in your workplace, and the UMC Utrecht offers that too. ​

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