In the UMC Utrecht research is concentrated in six strategic themes with each a limited number of disease targets. Patient care is integrated in these themes. A relentless multidisciplinary approach guarantees patients benefit from the latest available expertise and innovative technological solutions.

​Six strategic ​research programs

  • Brain focuses on stroke, neuro-oncology, neuromuscular and developmental disorders, and genetic risks.
  • Infection & Immunity is aimed at preventin​g inflammation and antimicrobial resistance, elucidating host-pathogen interactions and developing immune-mediated therapy.​
  • ​​Circulatory Health focuses on heart failure, high risk & prevention, atherosclerosis, aneuryms and cerebrovascular disease.
  • Cancer encompasses risk stratification for individualized interventions, image science and image-guided interventions, and molecular and cellular science and therapy.
  • Regenerative Medicine aims to address global health care problems by replacing, engineering and regenerating human cells, tissues and organs.​
  • ​Child Health combines research in chronic inflammation, respiratory infections, orphan diseases and fertility interventions.​

A couple of strategic themes

Talent development for scientists

Since 2021 we started with a specific talent policy for scientists. Part of this policy are the talent programs we developed for PhD-students, post-doc/assistant professors, associate and new full professors.

With these talent programs we support talented (young) researchers in building their academic career. We define talent not only on the basis of measurable research output, but also based on ones contribution to Open Science, (team)leadership, valorisation and societal impact.

In the selection for the programs we take gender diversity and the cultural/international background of participants into account. All programs focus on getting to know oneself, ones ambitions and skills on how to get there. Recognition and Rewards and Open Science underline all content of the programs.

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